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BREAKING: Canadian Government opens new temporary resident pathway for Palestinians in Gaza with family in Canada

Effective today, this new temporary resident (TR) pathway is being implemented to help extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents (PRs) in Gaza find a “temporary safe haven” in Canada.

Elaborating on measures first announced in December, and enacted by the Canadian government to support the extended family of Canadians in the region, the federal government says that the extended family members of Palestinian Canadians will now be eligible for temporary residence through this new pathway.

These family members of Canadian citizens and PRs include:

  • Spouses and Common-law partners

  • Children and Grandchildren

  • Siblings

  • Parents and Grandparents

In addition, immediate family members of any of the above groups—spouse, common-law partner, dependent child and dependent child of a dependent child—will also be eligible through this new pathway. Temporary resident visas issued through this program will be valid for up to three years in length, or till the validity of an applicant’s passport

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