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Immigration Minister Marc Miller Pushing for Quebec to Expand its Family Reunification Capacity

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Merely a couple of weeks after assuming office at the Immigration department, Canada’s federal Immigration Minister – the Honorable MP Marc Miller – confronted the Quebec government regarding its rather tight family reunification policy.

“Quebec controls a good chunk of its immigration policy, particularly on the family reunification envelope, which is capped at about 10,000 right now,” said Miller at his first press conference as Immigration Minister, as reported by Global News.

“There’s a backlog of 30,000 families that want to come here and support their kids, and…Quebec says we need to cut it off.”

Quebec’s increased efforts at gaining autonomy from federal oversight in the field of immigration have become the norm under Premier Francois Legault, and economic immigration and family re-unification are two areas within that realm that the province in question has a strong say over.

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