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What do I do if my immigration application is returned as incomplete?

This article will explain the steps that Canadian immigration applicants must take if they have their application returned by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) because it was incomplete.

Every incomplete application will be returned to the appropriate applicant alongside a letter of explanation and a document checklist. These two pieces will outline why the application was returned and exactly what is missing.

In addition, IRCC notes that applicants who do have their application returned for incompleteness will receive a refund. IRCC states that “refunds can take up to eight weeks to complete [and] those who have waited longer can submit a refund request.”

Note: At the time of writing, IRCC’s help centre still indicates that incomplete applications – that the immigration department has created a digital copy of – will be returned by email. If no digital copy has been made, applicants will receive the return in the mail.

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