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What you need to know before moving to Ontario

Canada’s single-most populated province, with a population of over 15 million, Ontario is a popular destination for newcomers to Canada.

Already home to Canada’s largest immigrant population, this province is renowned for being the Canadian region with the most employment opportunities and lifestyle freedom across this country, as well as having Canada’s largest housing market.

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With a housing market that includes over 5.4 million properties across the province, Ontario has the largest housing market in the country.

Note: As is the case in any Canadian province, housing prices and available property types in Ontario can change depending on factors such as your desired settlement location or family size

According to the latest National Rent Report by (for August 2023), the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment and two-bedroom housing unit is as follows in Ontario’s three largest Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) by population – Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton.

One-Bedroom: Toronto ($2,592), Ottawa ($1,951) and Hamilton ($1,855)

Two-Bedroom: Toronto ($3,370), Ottawa ($2,358) and Hamilton ($2,271)

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