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Will CRS go down in 2024?

2023 was a landmark year for Canadian immigration, filled with more new policies, measures, and changes than seen in many years previous.

However, common themes remain, with one of the most enduring being the importance of Comprehensive Ranking Scores (CRS) in the immigration journeys of Express Entry candidates. Last year’s Express Entry draws saw higher CRS scores than average (ranging as high as 791 in some cases), leaving many wondering if the coming year will see more of the same.

What can we expect in 2024?

The short answer is that it is difficult to predict how CRS scores will continue in 2024. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that CRS scores are largely determined by the make-up of the Express Entry pool throughout the year. More specifically, as the spread of CRS scores changes through the year, this will impact both the minimum CRS needed for a draw and may further impact the draw size.

However, another key factor that makes predicting CRS scores in 2024 difficult is the introduction of category-based draws in 2023.

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