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Which individuals are eligible to work in Canada without requiring a work permit?

Although typically foreign workers need a Canadian work permit to obtain employment, there are exceptions to this rule. Canada's diverse and promising job market is attracting more and more foreign nationals.

Foreign nationals can explore work opportunities in Canada without a work permit by meeting the eligibility criteria of one of the 22 designated groups. These groups include business visitors, foreign representatives and their families, military personnel, foreign government officers, American cross-border maritime law enforcement officers, in-flight security officers, individuals engaged in on-campus employment, performing artists, athletes and team members, news reporters and media crews, public speakers, convention organizers, clergy, judges, referees, and similar officials, examiners and evaluators, expert witnesses and investigators, healthcare students, civil aviation inspectors, aviation accident or incident inspectors, crew members, emergency service providers, and individuals with maintained status. Each group has specific requirements and exemptions outlined by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If further assistance is needed, Cohen Immigration Law offers comprehensive support with over 45 years of experience in navigating Canadian immigration regulations.

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